Tuscaloosa pastor celebrates 10 years at Calvary Baptist Church

Tuscaloosa pastor celebrates 10 years at Calvary Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Lovett said the last 10 years at Calvary Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, have passed so quickly — but they’ve been packed with blessings.

“We are well known for our college ministry but the church is so much more than that — it is a place where people live out the story of God,” he said.

The world comes to the church every year — a reality that drew Lovett to Calvary from day one.

“The international and out-of-state students at the University of Alabama was the thing that caught my eye about Calvary,” he said. “These students are much more open to the gospel than many of our students from the South. We have had the privilege to baptize students from almost every state and several nations.”

This summer the church baptized two children of a visiting professor from Korea. Calvary also hosts a Chinese fellowship, a Korean church and an African-American church in its facilities.

“I often quote Psalm 16:6 when people ask me about serving here — ‘The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places,’” Lovett said.

Billy Austin, interim director of missions for Tuscaloosa Baptist Association, said Lovett “has led Calvary to be a church with the community in [its] heart.”

“While my friendship with Tim Lovett goes back many years I am perhaps most impressed with his leadership at our beloved Calvary Baptist Church, having led them into a far reaching and deeply appreciated church emphasis on community outreach ministries,” Austin said. (Grace Thornton)