UM online class to focus on vocal technique for musical theater and commercial music

This spring, the Alabama School of the Arts at University of Mobile is offering a new online course on vocal technique for musical theater and commercial music that is open to voice teachers, performers, professional musicians and hobbyists.

Musical theater master teacher Maryann Kyle said “Pedagogy of Musical Theater and Commercial Music” will offer valuable information in musical theater and commercial music vocal technique including belting, legit and other choral/vocal styles, as well as how the technique is impacted by the latest recording and microphone technology.

Classes start January 14. Participants may take the online course for college credit or as a non-credit audit course.

Kyle is chair of graduate programs and professor of voice and vocal pedagogy in the Alabama School of the Arts. She teaches from the perspective of how “classical” vocal training can be modified to teach musical theater and commercial vocal quality without sounding “too classical.”

Guest speakers will offer their expertise in the areas of microphone and acoustic technology, Pro Tools and recording technology, and the marketing of the commercial and musical theater artist in the 21st century.

“Musical theater and commercial music are the fastest-growing musical phenomenon areas in the professional world of music performance, marketing, recording technology and teaching,” said Kyle.

“However, most people in the industry have very little information regarding the teaching of vocal production in these styles, and how the ever-changing technology impacts vocal production and creativity,” she added.

For information on fees or to register, visit then non-degree application to sign up for the ASOTA Pedagogy course, or call the Alabama College for Professional and Continuing Studies at 251.442.2727. For course information, contact Kyle at