Uptick in sex offenses at Target stores

NEW WESTMINSTER, British Columbia — A study by Canadian pastor Paul Dirks of the Canadian “Woman Means Something” campaign documented 220 media-reported sexual offenses in Target locations from 2003 to August of 2017.

Target officially announced in April 2016 that it would allow transgender individuals to use their preferred restroom.

A chart in the study, “Gender-Inclusion Policies and Sexual Violence: A Longitudinal Analysis of Media Reports at Target Stores,” reveals that in the 16 months that followed the policy change — May 2016 to August 2017 — 80 sexual offenses occurred, nearly twice the number of the previous 16 months. More than half of reports were voyeuristic incidents such as looking up skirts and peeping into stalls. One-fifth were classified as indecent exposures and one-third involved minors. All the offenses were perpetrated by males and almost all victims were female, The Christian Post reported. (TAB)