#WhyBible campaign targets millennials

#WhyBible campaign targets millennials

Countless social media posts showcase the conversation taking place around Wycliffe Bible Translators’ new #WhyBible campaign.

Value in reading

The reason for the campaign stems from the realization that an increasing number of younger believers are finding less value in Bible teaching, a Wycliffe representative told The Christian Post.

“We know the Bible is relevant to modern life though and needed now more than ever,” Scott Everhart, senior director of marketing at Wycliffe, told The Post.

“The goal is to create a forum for testimonies and stories shared about the Bible’s incredible impact on individuals, communities and the world,” he said.

“For those walking daily in the Scriptures, it’s a chance to be part of a community … celebrating how God is speaking to them through His Word,” Everhart told The Post.

Daily Scripture

“For those who may have fallen out of the habit of engaging with Scripture daily, it’s a chance to refocus … (and maybe) an encouragement for anyone who might be considering spending time in the Word for the first time.”

For more information, visit wycliffe.org/whybible. (TAB)