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When you get old, there will be many things you cannot do any longer. But you can still serve God, which you’ll discover was always the biggest thrill, anyway! So start now.

Bob Cleveland
Member of FBC Pelham via Facebook

Most of the true privileges in life are joyful and also costly. Caring for your parents ranks high among them in all categories.

Pastor Bart Barber
First Baptist Church
Farmersville, Texas

If we want to see God move in North America, we should pray.

North American Mission Board
“3 Ways to be Together on Mission today”

Christianity that is not visible in the home will likely not be visible outside the home.

Morris Murray Jr.
Jasper, Ala.

When it comes to the makeup of your leadership team, a little bit of creative friction creates energy to help fuel the mission. However, if the friction festers into faction, then it will drain energy and distract from the mission

Nathan Finn, provost, dean
North Greenville University, South Carolina

“When you are known as a follower of Jesus, people expect you to live up to His standards.”

Jeff Iorg
President, Gateway Seminary

This may sound elementary, but regardless of whether you are a church planter, doing church revitalization or at an existing church, the unspoken expectation or benchmark for effective growth is the 4 Bs: Bodies, Budget, Building and Baptism. Somehow, I believe this has become and remains the standard by which we measure for healthy ministry.

The question is how do we pivot to help the congregation rethink and to take responsibility for personal evangelism beyond the pew to reach the lost post-pandemic? The simple answer is that church members must see themselves as vital entities and be intentional about sharing the gospel and reaching the lost. …

How does the congregation own their role as a disciple through evangelism? They must:

  • Have a heart for the lost.
  • Be willing to share their faith.
  • Find opportunities to serve.

Richard Bumpers
Evangelism consultant
Georgia Baptist Mission Board

The difficult truth of life is that every word comes from our greatest momentary heart desire. Words are external indicators of the internal affections of the heart.

When speaking to the Pharisees, Jesus warns that words reveal the heart: “For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart” (Matt. 12:34b). A few chapters later, Jesus again affirms this connection between words and the heart saying: “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart … for out of the heart come evil thoughts …” (Matt. 15:18–19). Drawing from Proverbs 4:23–24, Jesus teaches that God cares about what our words say of our hearts. God wants to transform hearts, not merely behavior.

The ultimate human problem is wickedness in our hearts. Unkind words flow from sinful hearts. Uncharitable speech results from ungodly desires rather than circumstances. Our greatest problem is first the desires of our hearts not our tongues.

Pastor Jeremiah Greever
First Baptist Church
Sedalia, Mo.

From the Twitterverse

Doctrine matters! The Great Commission matters! Let’s fight for both!

Every time you leave your place of comfort and enter into the suffering of another, you are living and loving as God. A healing touch to the least, He says, is a healing touch to the Highest.

Preachers, don’t forget many of your people will come to church Sunday feeling like they’ve been suffocating all week (or all their life). Don’t load their backs up with the bricks of to-do’s. Fill their lungs with the oxygen of “it is finished.”

‘People have no trouble choosing heaven over hell, but they have a hard time choosing heaven over earth.’ —@DeanInserra Wow! Preach, man!

Half-hearted Christians are the most miserable people of all. They know enough about God to feel guilty, but they haven’t gone far enough with Christ to be happy. —Ray Ortlund Sr.

There is something very wrong when those who know much of Jesus look so little like Him.

One of the best ways to “hide God’s Word in your heart” is to memorize Scripture.

There’s no substitute for this foundational discipline.

Sow this good seed & reap the good harvest.

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11

The problem of the human heart is usually not that it doesn’t know what’s right in God’s eyes. The problem … is that it usually cares more about something else than what is right in God’s eyes.

Another thought on science and biblical truth: “Scientific statements of facts and relations cannot produce ethical directives.” —@AlbertEinstein

Science can tell us how a life comes to be; it cannot tell us how that life should be lived. The Bible fits that role perfectly.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, but are we good sheep?

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