16-year-old Christian in India killed for practicing faith

16-year-old Christian in India killed for practicing faith

KENDUGUDA, India — Incited by Hindu extremists, tribal animists on June 4 murdered 16-year-old Sambaru Madkami (pictured) for his faith, later celebrating with a feast.

Six villagers were arrested for Madkami’s murder. His mutilated body was found in the jungle a few miles from his home in Kenduguda village.

Reports indicate Sambaru had been dragged miles, stabbed, and suffered blunt force trauma to his head and face, a slit throat and broken limbs.

Claiming the Christians practice “black magic,” villagers decided to kill the heads of the only three Christian families in Kenduguda. Sambaru was abducted while his father was not home. Heads of the other two families escaped. Villagers later decided to kill all Christians, and the Christians fled the village.

Sambaru, described by a pastor as having “great zeal for God,” had been leading daily house church meetings in his home.

India ranks No. 10 on Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List of places where it is most difficult to be a Christian. (Morning Star)