9 ways to share love of Jesus with grandchildren

Grandparents’ Day is Sept. 9.

Grandchildren are a gift from God. If you are fortunate enough to have a precious grandchild or grandchildren, you are blessed. Get to know these little ones. Spend time together. What are some suggestions for sharing the love of Jesus with your grandkids? Here are some ideas:

1. Give the gift of time: Spending money on expensive gifts isn’t what makes grandchildren happy. It’s you they need. The gift of time is a precious commodity that only you can give.


2. Plan experiences as gifts: What will your grandchildren remember about the gifts you’ve given? Chances are, they won’t recall the Christmas or birthday present within a few weeks. What if you asked them to name a place to travel or event they would like to attend? An individual trip, just grandparents and one child planning, scheduling and packing, could make a memory they will tell their own children one day.

3. Bible Trivia — Q&A: When my granddaughter was about 10 years old, I developed a Bible game where she had to find the answer on the internet. To make this more fun, one day I asked the question and she gave the answer. The next day, she was responsible for the question and I provided the answer. This game not only brought us closer together, but it provided computer skills and helped develop an expertise in research.

4. Volunteer for missions opportunities: Have you considered volunteering for a church missions trip along with a grandchild? The need for missions is everywhere — even in your own community.

5. Facebook, email, YouTube: If you live a distance from grandchildren, don’t allow the miles to separate the love of family. Fortunately, with modern technology, it’s easy to connect through email and social media. Share Christian music and favorite recording artists through YouTube videos. Guide children to learn about the way this artist uses their Christian witness for others.

6. Watch wholesome family movies: Check with LifeWay for Christian movies that are age-related to your grandchild. As you watch, pause the movie in different places and ask: What do you think will happen next? Could a different decision be made? What would be the consequences of this action?

7. Master the art of photography: Schedule a time when you can both take a camera, hike and explore God’s world. Plan for evening sunsets, morning dew, songbirds at a feeder and dozens of other things He created for us to enjoy.

Christian concerts

8. Attend Christian concerts: Youth and teens love music! Offer to purchase tickets to a Christian music concert and attend with your grandchildren. Who knows, you might just become a fan of this generation’s music.

9. Find opportunities to teach Bible lessons: Who would have ever thought that a bar of soap and a plastic knife could teach about Jonah? But you can carve a piece of soap into a fish and tell the Bible story while you and your grandchild are whittling away.


Wholesome Alabama activities

Across the Yellowhammer State, there are unique and wholesome opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy time together. Visit these websites for ideas near you:

  • Alabama state parks: Scattered across the state, Alabama’s state parks offer inexpensive lodging, picnic areas, swimming, horseback riding and other interests for children of all ages. www.Alapark.com
  • Alabama caverns: The northern highlands of the state offer restful and peaceful views of mountains, caves and rivers. It’s a good place for grandchildren to learn the magnitude of God’s handiwork. www.VisitLookoutMountain.com
  • Wildlife: Alabama is fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife across the state. Pack your camera and capture God’s creatures — both large and small. www.OutdoorAlabama.com/watchable-wildlife

The time of childhood is so brief and those years are gone too fast. If God has blessed you with a grandchild or grandchildren, take time to give each youngster the best gift possible — yourself. (Carolyn Tomlin)


Meet the author

Carolyn Tomlin writes for the Christian magazine and newspaper market. She teaches the Boot Camp for Christian Writers. Tomlin believes that a day spent with a grandchild is one of the best!