Alabama Legislature breaks until April 28 due to coronavirus threat

Alabama lawmakers met briefly March 31 and agreed to put the legislative session on hold until April 28 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the House and Senate took precautions to comply with social distancing guidelines meant to reduce the chances of coronavirus spread. Employees with the Alabama Department of Public Health were on site to check the temperatures of all who entered the State House to make sure no one with a fever was allowed in the building.

Attendance in both houses was reduced, with 58 of 105 House members answering roll and 20 of 35 senators attending, just over the minimum in each chamber to conduct business.

Items still on the 2020 legislative agenda include the education and General Fund budgets for the 2020–2021 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, as well as moves to legalize medical marijuana and the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, which prohibits interventions in children experiencing gender dysphoria. (TAB)