Alabama lottery bill passes state Senate, moves to house for consideration

Alabama lottery bill passes state Senate, moves to house for consideration

The Alabama Senate has passed a bill proposing a constitutional amendment to allow a state lottery. Senate Bill 220 now goes to the House of Representatives.

The lottery bill passed the Senate by a vote of 21–12, with yes votes equaling three-fifths of the 35 senators. The same three-fifths requirement will have to be met in the House since the bill is a proposed constitutional amendment.

If the bill is approved, then the measure would go on the ballot for voters in the March 2020 presidential primary.

Republican Sen. Greg Albritton (District 22, Atmore) sponsored the bill. Republicans, who hold 28 seats in the Senate, voted 20–7 in favor of the bill. Among Democrats, the vote was 5–2 against the bill.

Revenues for the state

Albritton’s bill would allow paper tickets, instant tickets and electronically purchased tickets. Video lottery games would not be allowed. The bill specifically excludes “mobile or Internet-based games” or simulated casino games. The current plan would apply net lottery revenues to the General Fund and state savings accounts.

Joe Godfrey, executive director of Alabama Citizens Action Program (ALCAP), urged lottery opponents to contact House members and ask them to vote no on the lottery bill. Call 334-261-0500 for the main House number and ask for your representatives’ extension. To find your representative, click here.

To see the vote count on the bill in the Senate, click here.