Allow change to make us better

Why would God allow us to experience things like devastating storms, disease and isolation, or any number of other things, only to leave us as we were?

He expects us to be changed, to come out differently than we were, to use the difficulties of our yesterdays to bring blessings into our todays and make us better witnesses for our tomorrows.

My wife read me something the other night. It was a statement she had heard from one of my sermons, and she had penciled it in the margin of her Bible.

It went something like this, “Do you know why your rearview mirror is so small compared to your windshield? It’s because our main focus is to be on what’s ahead, not what’s behind us.”

Certainly our past helps make us what we are, but we are designed to live for today while preparing for tomorrow.

As we slowly leave the difficulties of COVID-19-related isolation and separation behind us, my earnest prayer is that we use it for the good we’ve received.

Brad Campbell
Director of missions
Bigbee Baptist Association