Beeson Divinity School receives grant for Thriving Pastors program

Beeson Divinity School receives grant for Thriving Pastors program

Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School has received a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish the Enhancing the Mission: Beeson Divinity School and Thriving Pastors program.

Through the Thriving Pastors program Beeson will help pastors thrive in congregational leadership by improving the quality of peer and mentoring relationships. The program will seek to fulfill its mission by supporting, resourcing and connecting Beeson alumni who currently serve in pastoral roles. As the program grows pastors with no prior affiliation with Beeson or Samford will be welcomed into the project.

Support and enrichment

“The mission of Beeson Divinity School is to prepare God-called persons to serve as ministers in the church of Jesus Christ,” said Grant Taylor, Beeson’s associate dean and project director of the Thriving Pastors program. “Through the Thriving Pastors program we aim to enhance our mission through a deeper commitment to our graduates who serve as pastors of God’s people. We want to support and enrich them by giving them more of Beeson’s personal, face-to-face approach to theological education and ministry.”

Pastors face transitions of various kinds, so the program will aim to help pastors transition well through at least three phases: the transition from seminary to full-time ministry positions, the transition from associate pastoral positions to lead pastoral positions and the involuntary transitions that come when they face acute personal and/or family crises.
Specific activities will include an annual conference for Beeson alumni and other pastors, the development of pastoral peer groups and the enrichment of mentoring relationships between pastors. (Samford)