Book Review: Unseen Steps: God’s Guidance Through Unexpected Blindness

Unseen Steps: God’s Guidance Through Unexpected Blindness
Sara Claudia
Independently published, 2021

Sara Claudia approaches personal tragedy with a lightness and openness that allows readers to see her heart and faith, while processing the magnitude of how her life changed at age 20 when she lost her sight and part of her hearing following a surgical procedure. Even without medical detail, readers will understand the heartbreak she and her family experienced at this detour from the life she expected to live.

A 21st birthday party held shortly after she left the hospital showed the socially active student how much had changed.

“In a room full of people who were there to celebrate me, I felt completely and utterly alone,” Sara Claudia writes.

Fortunately, she had strong family support, yet there were many physical and spiritual issues to work through.

‘Prayed for healing’

“In the beginning, I only prayed for healing,” she writes. As her disabilities remained despite that prayer, she became grief-stricken and angry. Yet her prayers eventually became longer, more personal.

“Deep down, I knew God had a purpose for my life despite my circumstances. With this new growing relationship with Christ giving me the strength to keep pushing forward, I was now motivated to find out just what that purpose would be.”

Finding the courage to return to college despite her parents’ misgivings was one step in that direction.

Readers will be inspired by Sara Claudia’s deepened faith and strengthened resilience as she adjusted to her new reality.

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