Burgesses share hope at First Priority lunch

Rick and Sherri Burgess are no strangers to suffering. Their youngest son, Bronner, drowned in the family’s pool in 2008.

But through that tragedy the family found comfort in the hope of Christ.

“Everybody needs hope,” said Sherri, who wrote “Bronner: A Journey to Understand” in 2016. “Everybody wants to know that in the end everything’s going to be OK. And it will be for those who believe.”

Message of hope

The hope of the gospel was the message the Burgesses brought to those present at the First Priority Greater Birmingham lunch held Oct. 29 at Vulcan Park in Birmingham. 

“The problems may differ as you’ve heard in these incredible testimonies, but the answer remains the same,” said Rick Burgess, co-host of the Rick and Bubba Show. “It’s been the same answer since the fall of mankind … Deep down what every single person wants and desires is peace. That’s the beauty of First Priority going out and representing Christ to a generation of young people who are just crying out … they just want to know that everything’s going to be all right.” 

And that’s the goal of First Priority ministries across the state and country: to share the peace and hope of Christ with students searching for a purpose and encouragement.

Along with the Greater Birmingham area, First Priority has a strong presence in north Alabama (Decatur/Huntsville) and Enterprise.

For more information about First Priority Alabama or to discover how you can support the ministry visit www.firstpriorityal.com. (TAB)

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