Christians on Missions continues to build

Christians on Missions continues to build

More than 35 years ago, Larry Thompson was on a missions trip with some other men from Washington Baptist Association and something major happened. He doesn’t remember exactly what year it was, or even what state they were in — he thinks it might’ve been Montana.

But he does remember what God impressed on their hearts.

“We all just got to thinking that the things we were doing out there we needed to be doing right there at home too,” he said.

So when they got back to Alabama, Thompson and others put their heads together and started Christians on Missions, a group of men who did construction projects for people with needs in the community. They installed septic systems. They built bathrooms.

And they put on roofs — lots of roofs.

You can get a lot done with a few dozen men working every third Saturday of the month for 35-plus years, Thompson said.

In all those years, they only got rained out a couple of times and he can remember them specifically. One was when a hurricane was rolling in. They canceled their work, but he says in hindsight he’s “pretty sure we could’ve worked that day.” It only rained a little, he said.

These days, the men have more years on them and prefer to stay on the ground, Thompson said. They’ve built more than 100 wheelchair ramps in the community, with more needs for that still on their list.

The group is “still plugging along” with about 60 on the roll, where in earlier years they might’ve had between 100 and 125, Thompson said. He’s now serving as director of missions for Washington Association — has been for the past three years. In the decades prior he served three area churches as pastor and in various roles with the association.

And he always ministered faithfully through Christians on Missions.

“Over the years we’ve seen many people touched by the Lord. We’ve even seen people saved,” Thompson said. “It’s just been a fantastic thing the Lord has done. We’re hoping some younger men will pick up the torch and carry it on.” (Grace Thornton)