Churches are finding creative ways to minister

During the current COVID-19 crisis, churches and other groups are finding creative ways to stay in touch, hold meetings and minister to each other.

  • Some churches that are already set up to livestream are offering to “meet” virtually with congregations that aren’t.
    This could mean the non-livestreaming congregation just watches along with the other church, or their staff might participate. For example, in some situations, both pastors might share a word.
  • Congregations are often still able to interact with each other during webcasts by using the comment threads available on platforms like Facebook or YouTube.
  • A few churches across the nation tried drive-in church, where families stayed in their cars in the church parking lot and tuned in to the service through the radio.
  • For churches where offering plates are the only way to give, some are considering online giving for the first time. TAB can help you set up an account with Hosted Church, if you need help with that. Call 205-870-4720 or visit
  • Small groups and Bible studies are meeting through video conferencing apps like FaceTime or Zoom. Learn more about using video conferencing at
  • Churches are dividing up lists and making phone calls to make sure no one in their congregation goes uncared for. (Grace Thornton)