Concern over reporting surfaces related to Lyell, Sills story

Concern surfaced during the Caring Well Conference (see story here) over a March 8 Baptist Press article related to reporting “a morally inappropriate relationship” rather than calling it sexual abuse.

“In recent days, I’ve been made aware of the situation surrounding the article and the decisions made by Baptist Press at the time of publication,” Jonathan Howe, the new vice president for communications of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, wrote in an Oct. 5 statement. 

“I’m also aware that the story omitted all references to abuse and a lack of consent to sexual activity … This led to a general understanding that what happened between Dr. David Sills and Ms. Jennifer Lyell was a consensual affair. As I understand it, that is not accurate.

“As the official news service for the Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press should be known for integrity, truth and accuracy. Ensuring that is my top priority.”

Lyell responded online Oct. 7 to the recent discussion about her situation at (TAB)