Faith helps Milwaukee Brewers’ pitcher Suter through rough patches

Faith helps Milwaukee Brewers’ pitcher Suter through rough patches

When teammates learn that Brent Suter, a left-handed pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, is a Harvard graduate, he says he gets “that look.”

“After a while I’m one of the guys again,” Suter said. “Baseball helped me get there. It’s been cool to be a graduate. There’s not a lot of history of Harvard players in the major league.”

Suter was part of a playoff team that in 2018 came within one game of going to the World Series. 

The long months of the major league season are tough, but Suter says his faith helps him through the rough patches.

“Sometimes the grind of the season makes me not give all my effort for God, but I want to do my best for God every day. I want to put Christ in the foreground not the background,” Suter said.

Though Suter became a Christian in middle school it was during his rookie season that his words became actions.

“I started to walk the walk, trying to reform my character more and more. The last years have been some of the better years with my walk with Christ,” he said.

Off-season pursuits

Suter is active in Baseball Chapel, a half-hour service where players pray and discuss Scripture. During the off-season he tutors and works with homeless. He also loves music. He is a songwriter and plays the piano, drums and acoustic guitar. 

But during the season he is very competitive.

“Working fast and throwing strikes are good traits of mine,” said Suter, whose inside fast ball to a right-handed batter is his favorite pitch.” His curve balls aren’t bad either, clocking in the 86-to-89 mph range.

Baseball is a big part of his life but Suter keeps it in perspective.

“It takes hard work. You are going to have tough outings, but you want to give your team a chance to win every night,” he said. “If you make the pitches you should come out with at least a couple of wins per month. I’ve been very fortunate. Every bad outing presents a different learning experience. … We are here trying to give God glory with our efforts every day.”

How to Pray:

  • Pray for Brent Suter and other Christian athletes who strive to live their faith on the field and in the locker room.
  • Pray for sports ministries like Baseball Chapel and the Christian outreach they provide to players, coaches and sports organizations. (TAB)