Hitting the wall

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Hitting the wall

In life, we hear people use the terminology, “I’ve hit a wall.” Using that terminology normally refers to coming to a seemingly impassable point in a particular venture or task: “My computer quit running. I’ve tried everything I know, and I’ve run into a wall.” Or, “It’s been a long tiring day. I’m exhausted! I’ve hit the wall.”

We all come to these “walls” in life, and most often it is best to take a break. Move on to something else. Set the task completely aside. Come back to the difficult issue later, when we are refreshed.

We may never know all the answers. But that does not mean we should give up on tasks or ventures. Sometimes the best you can do is leave that task for another day (or a later time in the day).

A second set of eyes and another brain is often where the solution comes from. Don’t be afraid to call on someone else, someone not part of the team or issue. Let that person, that set of fresh eyes, bring his/her perspective.

On a number of occasions, I have come to one of those walls on a home project. While I’m taking a break, my wife comes up with a possible solution or at least spurs my thinking in a different direction which leads to an answer. You are not a Lone Ranger. Call on others.

Another great solution finder is prayer. Look to the Creator of all and ask for guidance. You may still need to take a break. That may actually be God’s counsel: “Take a break and I will reveal what you need.”

When you run up against a wall in ministry or any area of life, take a break, ask for another set of eyes and trust God. He is still in the delivery business — delivering answered prayers.

George Yates
Church Health Strategist

Alabama Baptist SBOM