IMB decides to go in different direction with VP of marketing, communication

On Aug. 12 the International Mission Board (IMB) named Mark MacDonald as the new vice president of marketing and communication.

On Aug. 26 the IMB announced MacDonald was not a good fit for the role and the organization would be going in a different direction with the vice president position.

The day before the Aug. 26 announcement, MacDonald had posted on Facebook about the decision:

“Keeping it real: IMB has withdrawn their job offer. An anonymous source informed IMB of an embarrassing failure from ~10 yrs ago (after which I finished a year restoration with my church). Out of an ABUNDANCE of caution, IMB didn’t want to proceed. Our future? Unclear,” he wrote. “WE KNOW: God wasn’t surprised by this, loves me with forgiving grace, and wants me to continue ministry (with 100% support from my church family and amazing wife). God is good, but this is difficult. Hebrews 11:8 — Still ❤️ IMB!” (TAB, BP)

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