IMB names search committee, focuses on ‘God’s work’

As the Feb. 28–March 1 meeting of the International Mission Board (IMB) trustees in Richmond, Virginia, wrapped up, Alabama trustee Jay Wolf, pastor of First Baptist Church, Montgomery, shared his optimism about the future with The Alabama Baptist.

“David Platt shared with the trustees his deep sense that God is moving him to a new Kingdom assignment but he will continue to work diligently to get the gospel to the nations and he will always partner with the IMB in doing the Great Commission,” Wolf said.

“I was invited to complete our tender time with David by interceding for him and the IMB. I prefaced our season of intercession by telling the group what my daughter, Alex Wolf told me. Alex works for the IMB so I asked her what kind of response had she observed from her teammates. Alex succinctly summarized the atmosphere by saying, ‘Dad, everyone is sad but no one is mad because we all trust God’s work in David’s life.’

“Ultimately it is God’s work and His workmen,” Jay Wolf said. “We will follow King Jesus to new heights if we stay obedient, humble, prayerful and unified.”

16-person committee

Along with the appointment of 20 new full-time, fully funded missionaries, a 16-person committee to find Platt’s replacement was named by trustee chairman Rick Dunbar.

The presidential search committee will be led by Chuck Pourciau, pastor of Broadmoor Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana, as committee chair and Andy Davis, pastor/elder of First Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina, as committee vice chair.

The search committee is receiving names for consideration at (TAB, IMB)