IMB Student Team introduces Stateside Summer initiative

IMB Student Team introduces Stateside Summer initiative

The nearly 2,500 students who planned to serve overseas this summer with the International Mission Board have a new opportunity to serve.

The IMB Student Team’s Stateside Summer initiative will provide opportunities for students to participate with IMB missionaries in mobilization and discipleship strategies online, learn about unreached and unengaged people groups, connect with missionaries and share the gospel with their family, friends and communities.

Every year, students help advance the gospel and enable missionaries to expand their gospel reach. This summer will be no different.

Chris Mills, student missions mobilizer for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, expressed appreciation for the IMB’s opportunities for students to serve despite the pandemic.

“Students made plans to give their summer to serve all across the globe. The challenges from COVID-19 have prevented that … or so they may have thought,” Mills said. “I’m grateful for IMB reminding students of this calling and commitment, providing Stateside Summer as an encouragement to be engaged with the nations here, while praying and being equipped to serve the nations there [internationally].”

Student missions trips during 2020 fall and winter breaks as well as missions trips scheduled for spring break of 2021 remain on schedule, according to the IMB.

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