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Kendricks to release new films on ‘core fundamental issue’ of fatherhood

The filmmaking team known for such faith-based hits as “War Room” and “Fireproof” will release two movies this fall they hope will inspire fathers to become the men God has called them to be.

Alex and Stephen Kendrick, whose movies always highlight a major theme from Scripture, will release a pair of movies in theaters focusing on fatherhood — first on Sept. 10 with their inaugural documentary, “Show Me the Father,” and second on Oct. 15 with “Courageous Legacy.”

“Show Me the Father” weaves inspirational stories about earthly fathers with a biblical message on the fatherhood of God. It includes interviews with Texas pastor Tony Evans, Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly and former NFL coach and player Sherman Smith, among others.

“Courageous Legacy” is a re-release of the 2011 hit film “Courageous” with new footage and an updated ending.

Stephen Kendrick calls fatherhood a “core fundamental issue” that impacts the church and society at large — for good and bad.

“Earthly fatherhood is actually an introduction to the fatherhood of God,” he told TAB Media. “And usually, we get it wrong, and earthly fathers don’t understand their roles and responsibilities so much.”

Inspirational stories

“Show Me the Father” includes inspirational stories of fathers, as well as stories of how God rescued children out of dangerous situations.

A fan of documentaries, Kendrick said a good documentary can communicate a massive amount of information in a short amount of time. He labeled a documentary on fatherhood a “dream project.”

“People don’t need to think this is just some boring documentary of talking heads,” he said. “We tried to make it cinematic in the way that we unfold the stories. And there’s multiple twists and turns that happen as the movie unfolds.”

It has received rave reviews from those who have screened it, he said. Some viewers, he said, cry after the credits roll. He calls it an “emotional roller coaster.” It’s a documentary for the whole family — including moms and daughters, he said.

“One of my daughters made a decision for Christ right after watching a rough cut of this film,” he said. “We didn’t realize how much it was going to affect [her].”

The Kendricks got the idea for re-releasing “Courageous” while working on “Show Me the Father” during the heart of the pandemic.

“It occurred to us that the principles that we share in the movie ‘Courageous’ have not changed,” Alex Kendrick told TAB Media. “And there is a new generation of fathers that did not have children a decade ago, that this movie would certainly apply to.”

“Courageous Legacy,” Alex Kendrick said, is a “re-edited” version of the 2011 film.

“It moves a little faster now,” he said.

It includes drone shots — something that wasn’t readily available a decade ago. It also includes an enhanced score and two deleted scenes added back into the film.

Updated scenes

Perhaps most significantly, it also includes an updated ending.

“Stephen and I began talking about, ‘Well, if it’s been 10 years, what would have happened to the fathers and their families 10 years later in the movie?’” Alex said.

The Kendricks gathered the primary actors in the first film — including Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes, Ben Davies and Robert Amaya — for updated scenes shot last year in Albany, Georgia, under COVID-19 safety protocols.

“The sheriff’s department worked with us,” Alex Kendrick said. “They were fantastic. … I think when people see this, they’re going to see a familiar movie that seems very fresh. That’s not only production-wise and visual-wise, but also the strong biblical principles that are in the film.”

The Kendricks hope the two movies impact men for Christ.

“We’re grateful and excited to see what the Lord does with these,” Alex Kendrick said.

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