Lamberth’s latest novella leaves readers inspired to seek a brighter future

In her latest novella, “George Stringfellow Joins the Revolution,” Montgomery writer Minnie Lamberth brings readers back to fictional Wellton, Alabama, a small town with some real characters — in more than one sense of the word. Readers will find the residents of Wellton familiar and more like friends by the time the final page is turned. 

“George Stringfellow Joins the Revolution” picks up where Lamberth’s previous book, “Miss Bertie Explains the Beginning of the World,” left off, and yes, Miss Bertie brings her wisdom into this new installment. 

A dose of cheer

But this is the story of George Stringfellow, an aging gentleman coping with widowhood and the mistakes of his past, looking for ways to make his future a little more cheerful and a little less lonely. What aids George’s reinvention? For starters, an accident, a church Christmas program and a cookbook. You’ll have to read the book to find out how, but each situation has a touch of humor, nostalgia and comfort that will encourage readers to consider how they too might see life through a new lens, no matter their present circumstances.  

Lamberth’s first novel, “Life with Strings Attached,” set in Wellton 20 years prior to “Miss Bertie Explains the Beginning of the World,” was selected as winner of the 2004 Paraclete Fiction Award, awarded to a literary novel with Christian themes. Each of the three books is a stand-alone story, though readers are sure to enjoy all three. They are, as one Amazon reviewer put it, “comfort food” for readers, who may find that they, like George Stringfellow, are ready to turn over a new leaf in 2022.

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EDITOR’S NOTE — Minnie Lamberth is a Montgomery-based content creator, writer and author. She regularly reviews books for TAB Media.

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