Mac Brunson coming to Alabama in view of call

When Mac Brunson surprised the nearly 10,000-member congregation of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, on April 29 with his immediate resignation from his co-pastor role there, he left the reason a bit mysterious.

But a May 7 article in The Florida Times-Union at reported him as saying, “I’m going to another work. They will announce it at the church there. They deserve the right to announce that to their congregation. So there’s that, and my health is fine.”

About the same time rumors were swirling in Alabama that Brunson was headed to Valleydale Church in Birmingham.

Brunson confirmed the rumors were true in a May 13 Twitter and the church notes Brunson will be preaching in view of a call May 20 on its website Brunson is meeting with various groups in the church beginning May 17. (TAB)