Muslim mobs exhume Protestant’s body twice

Muslim mobs exhume Protestant’s body twice

JALAL-ABAD, Kyrgyzstan — Mobs in Kyrgyzstan’s western Jalal-Abad region dug up the body of deceased protestant Kanygul Satybaldiyeva twice in mid-October, insisting non-Muslims cannot be buried in village cemeteries.

On Oct. 14 and 17, mobs in two villages exhumed the body of Satybaldiyeva, a 76-year-old member of Jesus Christ Protestant Church.

Police and National Security Committee secret police officers, as well as local and regional officials, observed the exhumations but did nothing to stop them.

As of Oct. 19, Satybaldiyeva’s family did not know the whereabouts of the body.

“I pray that they did not throw away the body somewhere. I hope that we can soon find out where my mother’s body is,” said Satybaldiyeva’s daughter, Zhyldyz Azayeva. “I continue in my faith in Jesus Christ, but I am afraid for my own life, for my 19-year-old daughter and 80-year-old father.” (F18)