My Rashionale — Balancing work and rest during ‘ongoing trauma marathon’

Did you sense it too? A bit of the blues showing up on Easter Monday and sticking around the rest of the week?

Maybe that dip in energy tinged with a hint of sadness is still hanging around. If so, please know you aren’t alone.

It’s happening with a lot of people in a lot of places, including those of us at TAB Media.

We managed to stay alert, energized and highly motivated until Easter weekend, and then we started sensing a lull like so many others.

Our team might have hit a brick wall in our production if we had not gotten ahead of it and worked out a plan for staff members to stagger taking some time away to rest and recover.

And in the same “all in,” cooperative spirit they’ve had from the start, working nonstop in many cases, they also are committed to making sure we pace ourselves properly so we are fully functioning for the long haul.

I’m proud of our team and how they are working together to keep all aspects of TAB Media as well as each individual team member in good shape.

As far as the recent sluggishness, it may have been a bit of “battle fatigue” following a full month of intense life adjustments, a constant anticipation of the next scary update and then those destructive Easter storms.

The dip in energy also could have been tied to the Easter weekend itself — the idea of wondering what we have to look forward to after that all-important major target on our mostly blank calendars.

We know the first Easter sealed our ultimate Hope and each year we as believers have the privilege of celebrating Resurrection Sunday and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ at a heightened level above any other Sunday.

We also love to share the celebration with extended family and friends. Since gatherings weren’t possible this year, maybe that’s why a shadow of sadness accompanied the day.

Many of us in the communications and technology businesses also have joked about how we are going to need a vacation after all of this is over. It’s not a complaint because moments like this allow us to showcase what we were built for; it’s our time to shine.

But we do have to be careful to pace ourselves because the temptation is to sprint into action and forgo rest and our own needed time to process.

TAB Media board member and licensed professional counselor Melissa Golden provided help early on for our staff.  Her “Thriving in the Unknown” video series can be found in the resources section of her counseling service’s website ( and on YouTube.

Video 7 has been especially helpful to me — Balancing Work and Rest. “Whether your routine has become increasingly busy and chaotic, slower and less productive, or if the pace of each day is consistently unclear, this video provides tips and encouragements for resting, staying motivated and extending ourselves grace upon grace during this ongoing trauma marathon,” Golden says.