My Rashionale: So what’s your story? Better yet, what’s your super power?

My Rashionale: So what’s your story? Better yet, what’s your super power?

I’m not used to telling my story because I’m typically the one asking the questions and exploring the many layers that make up a person or situation.

I like stories. I like to hear them, read them, watch them and write them. And whether the story is to inform, educate, inspire or explain, accuracy and clarity are a must. Other helpful aspects of storytelling are transparency and authenticity as well as descriptors that show rather than tell — and a dash of brevity for good measure.

When it comes to telling someone’s personal story, I try to figure out what makes the person tick — what motivates him or her. And I love to dig deep enough to find the unique gift inside people that if set free could make the world around them a better place.

In fact if I could have a super power, then I would love for it to be exactly that — helping others find and harness their own super power. 

It’s important to me to always leave a place better than I found it, and I can think of no better way to do that than to encourage everyone I’m privileged to meet to be the best version of themselves.

God gifted each of us uniquely and we all have a part to play in this messy, exhausting journey called life. Some days take us down, no doubt, but on the other days we can pull deep from within to make up for lost time, push through the darkness and brighten the world around us.

In doing this it is important to keep our eyes on Jesus and allow His strength to carry us. I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to remember this lesson no matter how many times God demonstrates His power. 

So often I want to attempt all that is in front of me in my own strength. Once I’m exhausted and finally willing to concede defeat, then I give it to God. That’s when the cool stuff happens. Why I can’t remember to start there instead of end there still baffles me.

I love Jesus and have dedicated my life to serving Him but so often that equates to me going and doing on my own rather than sitting still at His feet and absorbing what He wants to share with me. 

I love activity and being part of as many things as humanly possible but sometimes that means I fail to rest properly — and it always interrupts any attempt at exercise (of course, I’m not too sad about that one).

Problem solving and trouble shooting are fun for me. Helping others find peace within theselves and the frustrations surrounding them energizes me.

And brainstorming — I’m always ready to brainstorm. I probably like it more than I should. In fact, it has gotten me in over my head a few times when I thought I was only helping a friend think through all the options. Come to find out, my friend took my animated assistance as volunteering to take care of the issue. Yikes!

Overall I am an eternal optimist saturated in idealism. Will we achieve all that my imagination might dream up? Most likely not. 

But I have no doubt we will get much closer to the goal than we would have by deciding to settle for less than our best.