New social media platform for Christians connects believers across country

New social media platform for Christians connects believers across country

By Margaret Colson
Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist

Have you ever wanted to unite with other Christians of all denominations throughout our country? Have you ever wished for a social media app specifically designed for Christians? Have you ever considered how you could encourage not only yourself but also others to demonstrate God’s love through action?

Elaine Beck pondered all of these questions and sensed God was calling her to take action. Without hesitation and through prayer and collaboration with others, Beck launched Blessings Through Action, a nonprofit, faith-based organization with a simple and direct mission statement. “Blessings Through Action seeks to unite all American Christians together so that we may speak clearly and show through our actions that this nation is truly one nation under God,” states the website 

In the June 18, 2019, edition of the TAB News podcast Beck sat down with co-hosts Jennifer Davis Rash and Debbie Campbell to provide more information on Blessings Through Action and to describe how Christians can become connected through its new social media app.

“The first word God gave me — if you want to boil it down to a word — was action. It was so appropriate when we realized that’s the acronym for All Christians Together in Our Nation. God put it on my heart to name [the organization] Blessings Through Action because that’s what we get, isn’t it, in life? When we take action for Christ and we do something we are then, in return, blessed,” Beck said.

Launching Blessings Through Action has been a “fun adventure. 

“I’m so humbled by the fact that the Lord gave me this vision and has entrusted me with it. We’re nothing but a vapor yet He gives us the opportunity to be His instruments,” she said.

“We feel like we live in one little miracle after the other — or one big miracle after the other” in all that Blessings Through Action has been able to do since its launch in September 2018.

Social media app

A key component of Blessings Through Action is a social media app, Our Action Place. Eighty percent of Americans have cell phones, Beck said. 

“How wonderful that people that have not been getting the truth — because they’re listening to news venues and stuff about what’s happening in the country that’s not true — that now they can get on their phone. … That’s one of the things we’re really striving to do to honor God is to make sure it’s only the truth we put on there,” Beck said.

Beck’s passion for Our Action Place is unmistakable. 

“We’re to help each other, brothers and sisters alike, and through His love to make things happen for Him. If we can take that 240 million and be counted, each one of us individually, think of the power in that. That’s what I know God gave me. He gave me direction saying, ‘If you bring them all together then this nation can be going in the right direction again,’” she said.

The Blessings Through Action website provides information on the social media app. Also the website and app provide educational resources, stories of how people are making a difference for Christ in their communities, daily and weekly actions Christians can take and more. The website and app are safe for teenagers because of a number of safeguards and filters in place, Beck said.

To listen to the TAB News podcast, go to more information on Blessings Through Action, go to