‘Peeping Tom’ caught in Target dressing room

‘Peeping Tom’ caught in Target dressing room

WEST KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A woman in a Target store in Tennessee recently caught a “peeping Tom” taking photos of her while she was changing clothes in a dressing room, according to The Christian Post.

Leigh Hamby was in the women’s dressing room around 7:45 p.m. March 29 when she looked in the mirror, saw something under the door and quickly realized what was happening, local news channel WBIR 10 reported.

“I feel so violated. It’s dehumanizing in a sense that someone feels they can come into my dressing room and take something that doesn’t belong to them,” Hamby said. “It’s a violating and a humiliating feeling.”

She said she didn’t remember seeing a store employee present when she entered the dressing room, she soon heard an employee shout at the man.

“She asked him in that mama bear voice, which I appreciated, ‘What are you doing?’ and I heard a man’s voice say something like ‘nothing’ or a defensive comment back,” Hamby said, according to the Post. “At that point he took off.”

The incident comes on the heels of Target’s controversial gender-neutral bathroom and dressing room policies, which conservative advocacy groups call a prime opportunity for sexual predators. (TAB)