Pleasant Valley, Jamestown, pianist recognized for 50 years of service

Charlotte Sentell says when she was young she felt compelled to bang on the piano. It wasn’t long before her parents found someone to give her lessons.

“It was several miles to where the man would meet me for lessons and I would go with my younger brother and ride my bike there,” she said.

She kept practicing — “especially when the dishes needed washing,” she joked.

And eventually she assumed a role that she’s had for the past 50 years — serving as pianist for Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Jamestown, in Lookout Mountain Baptist Association.

Her church recently honored her for her decades of service.

“I’ve enjoyed it, loved every minute of it. It’s been my calling through the years,” Sentell said. “I’m still strong. I make a lot of mistakes but I just go with it. And I hope I can keep doing it for a long time.” (Grace Thornton)