Week of September 6th, 2018

In this week’s episode of TAB News, we talk with Nicaraguan Christian leaders Omar Alvarado and Felix Ryiz about the unrest taking place in their country.

Tens of thousands of citizens have fled Nicaragua in recent months as political and civil tensions have boiled over in the Central American country. In early August, the Miami Herald reported that doctors, ministers, and others who are trying to help wounded protesters and mediate conflicts are being arrested and jailed. Churches have been vandalized, and church leaders have been accused of wanting to take over the government.

Felix Ryiz is the President of the Baptist Convention of Nicaragua (Convención Bautista de Nicaragua) and Omar Alvarado is one of the leaders of Crosspoint International Ministries in Nicaragua and a missionary to the Baptist Convention of Nicaragua.

Both have first-hand knowledge of the situation and are in the United States currently. They have been traveling around Alabama and the Southeast to share about the situation in Nicaragua and how churches can support evangelical ministry and missions in the country.

Following the conversation with Omar and Felix, TAB staff members as well as a special guest will present an audio digest of the Sept. 6, 2018, issue of The Alabama Baptist newspaper.

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