Flatline Movement

Dewayne Rembert’s story has all the makings of a movie script, and one day it might just land there. But his main goal is to reach everyone he can for Christ and prevent as many other teenage boys from walking the path he walked during his childhood and early adult years.

On this week’s TAB News, co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell interview Rembert about his early years growing up without a father figure and spending most of his time and energy learning the ways of the streets. He even earned his way to being known as the second best thief in his community. An encounter with God changed everything, however, and Rembert can tell you the date and time as well as how the power of God has moved in so many ways in his life and ministry since that moment.

Following the 28-minute interview, there will be a special 8-minute long bonus clip with Rembert. Then TAB staff members and correspondents will present an audio digest of this week’s issue including news, features, Dr. Batson’s Theology 101 column and Sunday School commentaries.

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