S1, E1: Introducing Jim and Jan Sharp

We’re going to be doing something a little differently on Amplify from here on out — we’re going seasonal! I’m really excited about this shift because it means we can take a little extra time to plan and create high quality shows for you guys.

Our first season will be with Jim and Jan Sharp about developing some specific skills for spiritual maturity, which is something I think we can all benefit from. Before we dive into the skills, though, I wanted to give those who haven’t heard their story a little background. So here’s that episode where we first chatted, and we’ll be back next week with the spiritual skills.

Amplify is a product of TAB Media Group, hosted by Maggie Evans and produced by Hannah Muñoz.

Disclaimer: This podcast is intended to be a discussion about individual experiences and how they have grown or struggled in their faith because of those experiences. It is not intended to be an instruction on how anyone should interpret the Bible.

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