Prayer and trust go hand in hand

Prayer and trust go hand in hand

Trust is defined as the firm belief in the ability, reliability or strength of someone or something. Trust inside our churches has been waning for several years. Perhaps this stems from the lack of trust from outside the church toward churches.

Yet the failings inside the church have certainly contributed as well.

Moral failure of church leaders, infighting amongst church members and congregation against congregation have taken their toll on trust in and of the church.

How do we regain trust within the church? Regaining trust is not something that is granted overnight and is more difficult than originally gaining someone’s trust.

Once you break the trust of any relationship, it may take years before that trust is completely restored. Regaining trust is a very slow process.

In the church, we must go out of our way, sacrificially give of ourselves to restore and rebuild trust. The keyword in that statement is “sacrificially.”

If we are not willingly giving up more of ourselves for the relationship, we are relaying a message that is not building trust.

Prayer is the beginning point and must remain a daily interface with God for our personal trust factor and that of the church as well.

Trust is more than a physical battle. All our congregants live in the flesh. Therefore, we all are prone to the wiles of the adversary.

Trust is a spiritual battle and regaining trust will require extra time on our knees before God and His throne.

Our ministry must become trust oriented.

George Yates
Church health strategist
Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions