Rashional Thoughts

Rashional Thoughts: Long periods of heavy rain and dreariness remind me to better appreciate the beauty of a sunny day

Many of us in the South have been joking about building an ark and forgetting what sunshine feels like during the recent unusual periods of intense rain.

I even mentioned how I’m finally getting to break in the rainboots I purchased a year or so ago during a drought we thought would never end.

Many areas have experienced serious damage from the relentless floodwaters.

Words like “historic” and “unprecedented” are being used to describe the flooding in the Southeast.

And Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee governors all called for a State of Emergency in response to the flooding.

The situation is serious for a lot of people, but for others of us it is more a matter of inconvenience — at least so far.

We are discovering where the roof needs to be patched. Traffic is a nightmare with all the rain.

It’s messy getting in and out of our cars to go from place to place.

But about the time we think we can’t take any more, the clouds disappear and the sun pops out.

Sure it may only last a day before the rain returns, but there’s a break, a bit of relief.

What we do with the breather is up to us.

Will we smile, take a deep breath and soak in the sunshine — allowing our souls to be refreshed and our energy to be renewed?

Or will we complain that the beautiful day won’t last and the rain will return soon — creating a spirit of anxiety and negativity that zaps our energy and pushes us deeper into discouragement?

Look with anticipation for those glimpses of sunshine — aka hope — and you might be surprised what you find.