Rashional Thoughts — Possibilities are endless with team members willing to serve however needed, maximize their potential

Headsets, microphones and studios have become part of life for The Alabama Baptist staff. And it’s not only the editorial team but also those who traditionally have worked more in the business side of TAB.

For instance the photo here shows advertising’s Melanie McKinney (left) and financial administrator Linda Harrison during the recording of the audio digest of TAB’s March 28 issue.

Some voices from the TAB team will be heard every week on the audio digest, which is the second half of the TAB News podcast (https://thealabamabaptist.org/the-alabama-baptist-podcast-radio-show-expand-our-reach/). Others take turns and a few are still to be debuted. 

We also love having guest presenters and look forward to including you sometime. 

One voice you will hear each week is Jerry Batson’s for Theology 101. You also will be hearing some of the Sunday School commentary writers going forward.

This expanded area of our ministry is certainly stretching all of us. We are learning new technology, software and concepts. We are adding extra responsibilities to our daily and weekly to-do lists. And with it all we are discovering new levels of what we can do together. 

As advocates of cross training and team awareness of each area of work, the TAB team is working hard to not only perform individual assignments well but also assist others with confidence and understanding. 

Each team member’s creativity, contribution to the effort and willingness to serve however needed has been fun to watch unfold.