Rashional Thoughts

Rashional Thoughts: Wide range of emotions surface during month of September

September sometimes shocks me with the various special emphases marked on the calendar. It’s one of those months that shouldn’t really seem that way, but it does.

Even more, it’s the time we tend to ramp up for the sprint toward the end of the year.

Until Labor Day weekend, we don’t have to think a lot about fourth quarter earnings or scheduling where we will be for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But as soon as we wake up on that first Monday of September, wherever we are marking the Labor Day holiday, we are facing an end-of-year stare down.

Of course, football season is underway, and it basically makes everything better.

Homecomings, fall festivals and a much anticipated break from the humidity and triple-digit heat also lift our spirits.

Students are settled into a new school year (at least as best as they can be these days), and we all find a general routine.

Labor Day is when I like to sketch out an overview look at my schedule for the rest of the year and clamp down tightly on a plan for staying organized.

(Note my reference to “I like to do this,” not that I actually accomplished it this year.)

After Labor Day, we marked the somber 20th anniversary of 9/11 and then got a boost with Grandparents Day on the 12th.

Jason and I have special memories of our grandparents, and I’m loving watching all the first-time grandparents around us.

(Funny note, when we selected photos for the Grandparents Day feature, I almost pulled the photo because the person in the image looked my age — until I realized, “Oh, wait, that would be accurate.”)

The article below is what I wrote for Grandparents Day last year, and I wanted to share it with you again. Investing in the next generation is vital.

As we look toward the end of September, our family always adds a focus on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in memory of my niece Belle, whose cancer was discovered in late September 2009.

And in Alabama Baptist life, September is the time we tip our hats to the Great Commission Ministries supported by the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering.

Say a special prayer for Rick Lance as he leads the team of state missionaries.

I’m always inspired by his deep commitment to the Great Commission, Cooperative Program and Alabama Baptists.

Bond between grandparents, grandchildren specific and special

Grandparents, we celebrate you this month, especially the tremendous role you play in the lives of your grandchildren.

And for the grandchildren out there, be sure to take a little time with your grandparents at least monthly, if not weekly.

The best gift you could give them at any point during the year is a phone call or visit where you focus on a real conversation.

Share what’s happening with you — what’s going well and where you are struggling — and let them share their memories.

You may hear some of the same stories over and over, but I promise those are the ones you will always treasure and may end up telling your own children and grandchildren one day.

Tremendous opportunity

For the grandparents, you have a lifetime of lessons to share and have been given a tremendous opportunity to speak wisdom into the lives of these precious ones you also get to spoil.

For those without grandchildren, there are plenty of kiddos who could use someone with spiritual maturity to pour into their lives.

Pray for God to make your heart sensitive to those who need a grandparent.

And for the grandparents raising their grandchildren, know we realize your situation moves to an entirely different level.

I can’t begin to understand the complexity of what that means for you, but I do know it takes you to hero status. Be willing to share with your support system how they can pray and help.

The appreciation and recognition for being a grandparent — however that is defined in your family — may not always be apparent, but be assured your legacy will outlive you.

You may not always understand all the lingo swirling around with the grandkids, and their decisions may definitely concern you. But don’t give up.

Pray diligently for each grandchild by name and situation, and pray for God to show you what to share and when to share it — and exactly how to best invest in and love each child.

TAB Media is grateful for the influence of grandparents and others in our lives.

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