‘Ride to Clyde’ motorcycle ministry raises $77K for Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina

‘Ride to Clyde’ motorcycle ministry raises $77K for Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina

Cheering children and visitors waved excitedly as they welcomed more than 100 motorcyclists who thundered triumphantly onto the grounds of Broyhill Home in Clyde, North Carolina, on May 11 to deliver a record $77,674.88 for the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH). 

It was a crowning conclusion for the annual Ride to Clyde, which has raised more than $185,000 in the past four years. Not even the morning’s sometimes heavy rainfall could dampen the spirits of the riders or those of children and guests gathered under umbrellas and pavilions at Broyhill for a music-and-barbecue celebration.

Riders were all ages. Tom Poston of Fayetteville, North Carolina, brought along his 84-year-old father while several riders brought their children, riding along on the seats behind them.

Motorcyclists clad in brightly colored rain gear rode their wide assortment of two- and three-wheeled motorcycles around the Broyhill cottages and down the steep road by the children before dismounting to present the large, board-mounted check to BCH President Michael C. Blackwell, who beamed with delight.

Ride to Clyde riders mostly favor black T-shirts and jackets as do other motorcyclists, but many of the Ride to Clyde riders sported Bible verses on their vests, cross emblems or church banners.

Blessed by God

The riders included pastors and church staffers, plus riders from several Baptist biker churches and some of North Carolina’s many Christian motorcycle ministries. 

More than 40 Christian motorcycle groups in the state are affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

The bikers covered more than 450 miles on some of North Carolina’s most scenic byways over the four-day ride. Bikers are divided into smaller groups for safety and to reduce impact on small towns. Routes are carefully selected for both scenic value and safety. 

Rider Terry Blake, a deacon at Calvary Baptist Church, Norwood, North Carolina, rode his Indian Roadmaster Classic this year. His church takes up an offering during Vacation Bible School for BCH. They also sponsor an annual motorcycle ride to Oak Ranch, a BCH home for unwed mothers.

“Every time we do some ministry with the Baptist Children’s Homes, God just blesses it so much,” Blake said. (BP)

How to pray:

Pray those involved with the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina will know their value in God’s eyes. 

Pray for the safety of motorcycle ministry volunteers across the country and that they carry the love of God wherever they go. (TAB)