Silicon Valley trip inspires UM School of Business students

Silicon Valley trip inspires UM School of Business students

A trip of a lifetime has sent University of Mobile (UM) students back to Mobile feeling encouraged, inspired and more equipped to be business professionals. 

Five students in the school of business and Katie Allred, assistant professor of software and development and digital media, went to Silicon Valley on May 14–18 to meet Christians who work in some of the world’s best-known high-tech companies. 

The students were part of the Good Work Agency at UM where Allred serves as director. Good Work Agency is a student-run marketing firm that helps churches, nonprofits and small businesses be more effective online. This gives students the opportunity to work in a marketing firm environment before graduating.   

Along with eating IN-N-OUT cheeseburgers and taking pictures on the Golden Gate Bridge these students met with Christians who work at Facebook, Abide and Instagram. 

Sophomore Avery Wilhite was encouraged by visiting San Francisco. Wilhite says the trip, “Showed me that not only the academic tools that I gain during college are important but the spiritual tools are important too, as they help equip me for ministry.” 

Fun and educational

While at Facebook the students met with the “Christians@Facebook” group which meets often in the middle of their day to participate in worship together. Wilhite says the trip was extremely fun and entertaining while being highly educational. 

For more information about the Good Work Agency visit (UM)