TAB Media podcast channel growing to include new shows

TAB Media podcast channel growing to include new shows

In 2018, TAB launched its first podcast: TAB News. As the podcast has grown and expanded, some exciting changes are here. This week is the debut week of the new TAB Media podcast channel.

What listeners have been hearing as the weekly TAB News podcast will now be split into two shows: TAB News, which will be the audio digest of the weekly newspaper, and TAB Talks, which will be the weekly radio show featuring a special guest or topic hosted by Jennifer Davis Rash and Debbie Campbell.

TAB Talks will be released as a podcast each Monday and TAB News will come out each Wednesday. TAB Talks also airs Saturdays at 2 p.m. on 101.1 FM.

In addition to splitting TAB News into TAB News and TAB Talks, TAB also is launching two new podcasts: TAB Briefs and TAB Stories.

TAB Briefs will air each Friday and provide listeners with three current faith-based news and culture stories. TAB Briefs will first appear on Facebook Live on TAB’s Facebook page at 8:45 a.m. each Friday, and then will be released on the TAB Media podcast channel at noon.

TAB Stories will be different from the other three podcasts, however. TAB Stories will air a few times a year and will be a long-form, in-depth feature into the life of a specific person, church or ministry.

To learn more about the TAB Media podcast channel, listen to last week’s TAB News podcast at (TAB)