Ted Anderson, pastor of Dailey Street, celebrates 50 years in ministry

If there was one thing Ted Anderson didn’t want to be it was a pastor.

“My dad was a pastor and I knew from watching him that that life wasn’t easy,” he said. “I told God, ‘I’ll be glad to serve, but not that way.’”

So he’s more surprised than anyone that in August he celebrated 50 years of pastoral ministry.

“In 1969, I felt God calling me and I finally surrendered,” Anderson said.

He had come to faith under his dad’s preaching and his dad preached his ordination service too. 

In the five decades that followed Anderson preached all over Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Mississippi — “wherever God gave me an opportunity.”

For the past two years he’s been serving as pastor back at the church he attended as a little boy, the church where both his parents were saved — Dailey Street Baptist, Piedmont.

Wendell Dutton, associational missionary for Cherokee Baptist Association, spoke of his longevity in ministry and legacy in the area.

“He loves people, loves to preach and does a very good job serving his church,” Dutton said. (Grace Thornton)