‘The Great Commission’ phrase used less

VENTURA, Calif. — A recent study found that a surprising number of churchgoing Christians in the U.S. are generally unaware of the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 28:18–20, commonly called “The Great Commission.”

The study by Barna Research in partnership with Seed Company, “Translating the Great Commission,” reports that when asked if they had previously “heard of the Great Commission,” half of U.S. churchgoers (51 percent) say they do not know this term.

The data indicates that churches are using the phrase less, though the reasons for that are uncertain.

Those born before 1964 were more likely than younger people to recognize the term. Those with higher levels of New Testament knowledge also are more likely to say they know what the Great Commission is. Evangelicals are the most likely churchgoing group to state that they have heard of the Great Commission and remember what it is (60 percent). (TAB)