Time is ticking second by second; use your time to make disciples, Davidson says

By Grace Thornton
The Alabama Baptist

When you read the Bible from cover to cover, a lot of themes may jump out. But Stuart Davidson says one truth you can’t miss is this — time is fleeting.

“The most precious resource you have isn’t what’s in your wallet, it’s what’s on your wrist,” he said. “Our time is ticking by second by second.”

And the most important way we can use it is to make disciples, said Davidson, pastor of Eastern Shore Baptist Church, Daphne.

Your legacy

In his convention sermon Nov. 15, he challenged messengers to think about their legacy and how they invested their time. “There’s nothing more important than instilling the kingdom of God into someone else’s soul.”

Preaching from 2 Kings 2:1–14, he talked about how the prophet Elijah had taken seriously his call to invest in Elisha.

Elijah knew he only had a short amount of time to invest. He also knew that his investment would change the trajectory of Elisha’s life.

“There is no greater joy than to witness the spiritual growth of another man, woman, boy or girl,” Davidson said.

“There is no greater use of our life than to be a conduit of grace, peace, love, compassion and mercy for God. God uses our lives as conduits to powerfully impact someone’s life.”

Everything in Elisha’s life changed because of Elijah’s investment, he said. “He (Elijah) bestowed upon him purpose, power and God’s presence.”

With that in mind, he asked this question — are you a disciple maker or a selfish taker?

“Are you someone who sees the potential in someone else and wants to help them be the person they’re supposed to be, or do you just want to be a consumer? Oh, that we would have a passion to be disciple makers,” Davidson said.

‘Work today’

He told those present that he knows they are pulled in many directions and that time is at a premium.

“However, let me encourage you today that it is never OK to run away from our responsibility to use our time making disciples for Christ,” Davidson said. “Remember, Jesus tells us to work today, in this moment of time, because one day we will be unable to work. Our time will be up.”