Tips for leading the way toward genuine engagement with each other and to help inform decision makers

Want to stay informed but not upset all the time?

Wondering how you can convince those in elected and top-level leadership positions to listen to your reasoning on a particular topic?

These may seem like questions with no reasonable answers, but I choose to believe we can find a way. The path may be a bit bumpy and much slower than we would like, but if you are up for trying, here are some tips:

  • Spend time in prayer listening and seeking the Lord’s guidance about which topics to prioritize.
  • Settle in your heart that God may lead others to focus their efforts in different directions.
  • Find a few trusted news sources and limit your intake to those.
  • Take the time to fully understand an issue before responding with critical attacks or all-in support.
  • Balance your media consumption with time in prayer and reading God’s word. Look with anticipation to where He is leading and what He is showing you.
  • Push for transparency and be transparent and genuine yourself.
  • Accept and process the actual facts, even if they are not what you prefer them to be.
  • Be respectful and grace-filled, willing to listen to the other side first. And truly listen.
  • Share your side and concerns calmly and factually.
  • Model a life of integrity.

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