Title change, expectations list sought for directors of missions

Title change, expectations list sought for directors of missions

Alabama Baptist directors of missions (DOM) may need new business cards in about a year. The DOM title is expected to be updated in 2018 following recommendations from a 12-member study group. The group also plans to recommend a DOM credentialing process and a list of expectations of effectiveness.

The Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders (SBCAL) appointed the group at its conference held June 11–12 in in Phoenix. The team is charged with submitting a report at the SBCAL 2018 meeting in Dallas.

The changes are needed as the SBCAL works to better serve missional leadership needs across the Southern Baptist Convention, said SBCAL Executive Director Ray Gentry.

“We feel like it’s time for a new name for the new century and the new demands upon us and the new opportunities before us,” Gentry said. “In addition, a profile of associational effectiveness with competencies … is even a bigger enchilada than the title.

“There really is no commonly accepted job description for a DOM,” he said, “and so we want to come up with a profile with competencies for search committees and for purposes of coaching and helping new DOMs. We feel like that’s going to be very, very important and very helpful to raise the credibility and the profile and the effectiveness of DOMs.”

Credentialing process

SBCAL has never had a process of credentialing for DOMs, Gentry said, pointing out the common practice of business associations in particular to have credentialing processes.

“We have a cross section to help us to really be attentive to all of the different demands and priorities that need to be addressed in 2017 and in the coming days,” he said. (BP)