Tuscaloosa couple uses ‘The Case for Christ’ movie as Easter ministry to neighbors

One night Jerry Wilkins got his wife, Carole, to watch the movie “The Case for Christ” with him — and her reaction was a big one.
“She said it was so moving to her that she wanted to buy 50 copies of it and give them to our neighbors who don’t go to church,” said Wilkins, director of missions emeritus for Tuscaloosa Baptist Association.
So that’s what they did — they got on Amazon and ordered 50 DVDs of the movie, which tells the story of journalist Lee Strobel, an atheist who decided to investigate Christianity for proof that God didn’t exist. What Strobel found instead was a new faith in Christ.
That’s what the Wilkinses hoped for their neighbors this Easter.
“We decided to give them to every neighbor except the ones we had seen with nativities or crosses in their yard,” Jerry Wilkins said.
The couple slipped the DVDs into plastic bags to protect them from rain and typed up a personal note to go with them.
“We wrote that God had made our lives and our marriage better and that we wouldn’t be good neighbors if we didn’t share good things with them,” Jerry Wilkins said.
He signed it with their first names and included his email address in case any of his neighbors had questions after they watched the movie. Then March 22, they prayed over each house in the neighborhood and delivered the bags.
“We decided we were going to start looking for ways to be neighborhood missionaries, and this is one thing we could do,” Jerry Wilkins said. “It’s something that someone else might decide they could do in their neighborhood too, even if it’s just one or two copies.”
For more information about “The Case for Christ,” visit thecaseforchristmovie.com. (TAB)