Twitter removes ad about traditional marriage

CUSTER, Wash. — The social media platform Twitter has refused to allow a former pastor to run a paid ad on its site promoting his new book, which supports a traditional Christian view of marriage.

Craig Stellpflug, a former pastor and retired cancer nutritionist, paid July 2 to promote a tweet and received an email reply the following day that said the tweet violated Twitter’s ad policy about “hate” ads. The tweet promoted his book “One Man One Woman: God’s Original Design for Marriage” and stated that the book was about “God’s original design for marriage carried from Adam and Eve in the garden through today.”

Twitter initially accepted Stellpflug’s payment and began the promotion, then took it down, he told The Christian Post. The book is “definitely not an anti-gay book” and that it is “not about (the) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual movement,” he said.

Stellpflug, who teaches Bible study and Sunday School at Sunrise Baptist Church, Custer, Washington, noted that he didn’t give any “special weight” to homosexuality but addressed other issues too, such as adultery, divorce and pornography. (TAB)