Two Alabama Baptists named to 2019 SBC Committee on Committees

BIRMINGHAM — Two Alabama Baptists were named to the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) 2019 Committee on Committees. 

Terrence Jones, pastor of Strong Tower at Washington Park, Montgomery, and Whitney Alexander, member and lay leader of First Baptist Church, Gadsden, were named to the committee by SBC President J.D. Greear.

The Committee on Committees will assemble in Birmingham, just prior to the SBC annual meeting to nominate members of the Committee on Nominations. The Committee on Nominations will nominate trustees for the boards of SBC entities in 2020. 

The Committee on Committees has 68 members, two from each of the 34 states and regions qualified for representation.

“Many of the members … are in churches that were started in the past decade,” Greear said. “It’s critical that we engage those new to our processes early in the life of their churches so that they develop a clear understanding of the importance of cooperation toward our common mission as Southern Baptists.

“This committee represents churches of all sizes, ethnicities and theological persuasions involved in the Southern Baptist Convention.

“It was my goal to select Southern Baptists who would represent their fellow Southern Baptists well, and while [Cooperative Program] giving wasn’t used as a measure for these appointments, the average Cooperative Program giving percentage of this group is higher than the average Southern Baptist church.” (BP)