Ugandan boy kidnapped by witch doctor, killed as sacrifice

KACHIRIBONG, Uganda — A boy was killed as a human sacrifice in Uganda after a woman opposed to the boy’s Christian father sold the boy to a witch doctor.

Sulaiman Pulisi, a former iman who became a Christian, said his son, Abdulmajidu (then 11), and daughter (then 13) disappeared from home in Kachiribong village two years ago.

Police rescued the daughter in September after the girl confided in a Christian shopkeeper.

The Muslim witch doctor, Isifu Abdullah, had used the girl as a sex object and sacrificed the brother.

Sania Muhammad and other radical Muslims sold children of converts from Islam to Abdullah, one of 3 million witch doctors in Uganda.

Muhammad and Abdullah have been arrested.

A child care ministry official said up to 25 child sacrifice cases are reported annually. In rituals, witch doctors use blood, tissue and organs of sacrificed children, believing they give protection or good fortune.

Muslims constitute 12% of Uganda’s population. Uganda’s constitution prohibits religious discrimination.

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