Who’s on your school prayer list? How’s your church reaching out?

School administrators, teachers, parents, students and governmental officials on all levels continue struggling to find common ground regarding how school will operate for the entirety of the 2020–2021 school year.

Most decisions have been made about how to reopen and what the first nine weeks will look like, but what to do beyond that remains fluid.

A school administrator friend said about the time she thinks she has a plan in place, something significant changes and she’s back to square one.

Everyone has an opinion and legitimate concerns, but the reality is there likely isn’t a “best” solution — all options bring consequences of some type.

I’m thankful for the leaders willing to do the proper research, ask the tough questions and attempt to make the best decision they can with the information they have.

I’m thankful for the countless, dedicated servants truly trying to find a workable solution.

So instead of tossing in more noise, I’m going to trust they will work to do the best they can in this most unusual time.

I’m praying for wisdom, discernment, energy, strength, restorative rest and confidence in their calling.

And I’m praying for all the parents making tough decisions related to their children’s physical, mental and emotional health, even as they attempt to balance their own job situations related to the changes in how schools operate.

We talked in late July about selecting students, teachers, administrators and others who work in the school systems and committing to pray for them.

I made my list right away and decided to focus on immediate family and close friends — one preschool teacher, one kindergarten teacher, one special education teacher, one lunchroom attendant, one school principal and one college professor.

Also, three college freshmen, four high school students, one elementary school student and one preschool student all have a large piece of my heart, so I added them to the list as well.

And among our TAB Media staff, we have spouses, children, siblings and other close family members who are educators or work in the educational system in some way.

I’m guessing you have someone close to you working in education as well.

And what about your pastor and church staff? Do they have family members working in the school system? Maybe one or more of your church leaders are co-vocational and serve as teachers themselves.

If your pastor has school-aged children, then this month (and actually this year) would be a good time to show him grace and lots of encouragement.

And do remember that school officials have families and inconvenient life issues happening to them as well.

Share your list with us and/or a note about how your church is reaching out to schools at news@thealabamabaptist.org or call 800-803-5201, ext. 118.